Apartment Rentals For Pet Owners

Apartment Rentals For Pet Owners
Pets are like adopted brothers and sisters, and treated as legitimate family members. You eat with them, play with them, and sleep with them. Some pet owners even dress up their dogs with fancy clothes and attractive accessories.

Pets are usually included in the travel list during vacation; you wouldnt want to leave your precious puppies at home. However, there are some restrictions regarding pet travel. Airlines generally require a certificate of good health. This guarantees good health condition suitable for travel. Pets are not allowed to take a trip when they have communicable diseases. Dogs without rabies vaccination are also prohibited to board in most airlines.

Some short term apartments have policies regarding family pets. Dogs must be risk-free from any contagious viruses, so they usually require a veterinary certificate. This document serves as a proof of your pets wellbeing and security. Apartment managers need to make sure that your pet will not cause any inconveniences for other occupants.

In New York, some apartments allow pets within lodging premises. However, they set guidelines and restrictions for pet accommodations. Some pet-friendly apartments impose limits on the weight and size of your pet. Weight limit ranges from 25 pounds to 100 pounds. In New York, a penalty is charged for excess pet weight before they are allowed to enter the apartment premises. Some even totally prohibit heavyweight and large-sized dogs in short term apartments. New York leasing agents are often asked about pet admission in their lodging houses.

Some apartments have pet depositories. These depositories serve as an indoor shelter exclusively for pets. For short term apartments NYC pet owners can put their dogs in dog shelters. Some apartments require pet deposit payments for pet entry. Deposit payments serve as a security compensation for potential property damage. Depending on the pets weight and size, payment can reach up to $ 500. Owners only give half of the total pet deposit as reimbursement after the lease duration.

Inquire about pet-friendly lodging houses as a preparation for your pet travel, since you would not want to leave them to wander around the city. If you are looking for short term apartments, NYC units with facilities that can accommodate you and your pet are good options.

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